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The Garver Group specializes in developing flexible support services to suit each firm’s specific needs. Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about our process, and how we work with our clients.

Do we, the law firm, own our billing/accounting software?
We connect to YOUR network and manage YOUR Tabs3 time and billing software. At no time does your software or data leave your system. YOU retain complete CONTROL and OWNERSHIP over your Tabs3 software and the information contained therein. We simply connect to your office network via a secure internet connection and manage your billing system as if we are in the office down the hall.

Do you enter our time?
No. Your attorneys/staff enter their time into your billing system. Once entered, we perform all remaining steps including editing which leads to billing.

How do you communicate with our firm?
We communicate with the firm by e-mail whenever possible. Most of the firms we support convey information to us (edited pre-bills, payment logs, check requests, etc.) by scanning the documents and sending to us as an email attachment. .We are always available by phone as well.

Do you communicate with our clients on A/R or billing issues?
No. We do not initiate contact with any firm clients and we do not provide A/R Collections support. We provide your people with the information they need to resolve client issues, answer questions and track Accounts Receivable but we do not speak directly with your clients unless specifically requested by the firm and to address operational issues only.

How can we ensure that our confidential information stays that way?
At the outset of every new relationship, The Garver Group, Inc. signs a confidentiality agreement with the firm. Your data is only seen by those in our office working on your account. Further, we request that your IT support people provide us only with access to your billing/accounting program. We neither need nor want access to your documents and other areas of your network.

On a related issue, many of the firms we support find that the firm’s own confidential billing and financial information is more secure as a result of outsourcing with us, as sensitive information is not left sitting on a desk for passing eyes to see.

Regarding Accounts Payable support:

Do you sign our checks?
Absolutely not. For those firms for which we provide bookkeeping support, we can print checks when invoices/check requests are approved for payment, but the checks are always returned to the firm or printed directly to the firm’s printer for signing/mailing. We also require that the firm review its bank statements and paid checks for signature validity prior to forwarding to us for reconciliation.

Do you process our payroll?
We enter the information contained in your payroll reports into your accounting program, but we do not manage or coordinate your payroll.

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