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eBilling Services

Comprehensive eBilling Solutions

In addition to standard, paper-based billing, law firms today are contending with client requirements that did not exist a decade ago. The need for electronic billing has exploded, particularly for Insurance Defense firms but for corporate practices as well.

Your firm’s clients may require various delivery methods, including submission by e-mail, electronic uploads to third party billing/auditing sites, and embedded UTMBS task codes. This might make it easier and more cost-effective for the client, but it often causes major headaches for a firm which lacks the human resources and insights into very complex eBilling requirements.

These programs and services are often complicated, require maintenance and effort well beyond that typically required and can often confuse, befuddle and aggravate even the most tech-savvy billing clerk. And, adding insult to injury, the client may initiate one eBilling approach and suddenly make a change to another just as the initial process began working.

We can help

The Garver Group, Inc. has vast experience in the realm of eBilling and task-based billing. We are familiar with the process, the concept, and most of the third party sites. If you outsource your entire billing process to us. You will not have to worry about your e-billing files.  Our processing ensures your invoices are submitted properly with any exceptions (such as missing budgets, incorrect information, etc.) being brought to the firm’s attention timely.

eBilling support comes as part of our flat-fee based billing support. But we also work with firms which wish to retain their standard billing in-house. Firms can contract with The Garver Group, Inc. for outsourced billing support on ONLY eBilling files.

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