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The bookkeeping office of a law firm can be a cluttered, chaotic place. The Garver Group brings order to the process, streamlining your back office and ensuring timely processing required for the availability of accurate financial information. Our support provides firms with the comfort of knowing that the very important information required to make critical financial decisions is accurate and up-to-date.

Our support can be all-encompassing or we can manage only specific functions within the firm’s financial department. We work closely with our firms to develop a support plan to address each firm’s specific needs and are able to effectively leverage our staff to eliminate processing delays resulting from staff vacations, sick days, turnover and/or lack of training/knowledge.

Our firms retain full ownership of and control over their software and systems. We access the firm’s network/software remotely and operate as though we are your bookkeeping department “down a very long hallway”. Therefore, we alleviate concerns shared by many firms that their entire financial operation and all information lies with one individual.

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